Martin Cousin, photo by Jack Liebeck

"Martin Cousin…a master in the art of the tapered phrase, the dying fall and the precisely weighted texture"
The Times

"Martin Cousin's debut disc establishes a striking new benchmark for the interpretation of Rachmaninov's First Piano Sonata…His has discretion, judgment, perception and formidable technique"
The Daily Telegraph

"Martin Cousin proved an engaging dandy, capable of producing extravagant colourations from his piano. His playing was effervescent in Julian Anderson's Piano Etudes, darkly dramatic for Simon Holt's Tauromaquia."
The Observer

"Chopin's B minor sonata…objective, aristocratic account by the Scottish-born pianist Martin Cousin…he evoked Ravel's 'Oiseaux Tristes' beautifully and dressed Chopin's First Ballade in all its splendour, before a deeply intelligent account of Liszt's Sonata in B minor.."
The Independent

"Cousin's handling of Rachmaninov's 2nd Sonata and Prokofiev's 7th Sonata was masterly."
The Independent

"Playing Bach's Partita in C minor, young Scot Martin Cousin showed that he had the light touch essential for Baroque keyboard music. His playing was beautifully articulated and paid great attention to the overall structure of the piece. Not that Bach was his sole speciality-as the concert ended with a stylish performance of some of Brahms' piano miniatures."
The Herald

"Sacconi String Quartet and Scottish born pianist Martin Cousin…are extraordinarily high class acts"
The List